Good Grades

Tim Macer takes a brief look at a tool for applying social grade classification.

An ingenious new product called Grader, from Fusion Software, provides the only computer-based solution for performing ABC1 social grading based on the MRS Job Dictionary. This handy tool will run on any PC under Windows and simply prompts you to type in the occupation, leads you through any supplementary questions, then presents the grade on screen. The tool's real benefits lie in de-skilling coding tasks in the office and in training new interviewers.
It takes about 15 minutes for a research novice to learn social grading with Grader. Anyone PC literate and competent at social grading will pick it up instantly. As it is based on 'the book', it can be used very effectively in training exercises to confirm the 'right answer' and allow new recruits to learn on their own. It also produces the SOC codes used in government and social research. Grader can also be integrated with CATI or CAPI systems.
Fusion Software: Grader

Fusion Software:

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Published in the Fieldwork Review Supplement to Research, the magazine of the Market Research Society, July 2002, Issue 434.

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