Software reviews from meaning

These reviews have been written by Tim Macer and other analysts at meaning. Each is independent and unbiased, based on an in-depth evaluation of the software. Many were also published in research magazine or in Quirk's Marketing Research review. Use the keywords to look for reviews of similar products.

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AccessPoint 4.0 from Global Bay

Mobile CAPI solution for complex or simple surveys which works on a range of standard consumer PDAs under Windows with integrated web-based real-time fieldwork management and monitoring tools.

Reviewed December 2007. Keywords: ,

Ascribe ACM reviewed from Language Logic

Intelligent verbatim content management system and coding environment for researchers and coders, with options for either manually-assisted coding or machine-learning automated coding for higher volumes. Delivered as either web browser-based and web-enabled desktop software modules

Reviewed December 2009. Keywords: , ,

Catglobe from Catinét

Web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) product for mixed mode data collection and analysis, including CATI, CAPI, CAWI and integrated panel management.

Reviewed February 2009. Keywords: , , , , , ,

CodingModul from StreamBASE, Germany

Windows-based verbatim answer classification management for coding and/or transcription of handwritten scanned images from self-completion surveys or for coding open text responses from CATI, CAPI and Web interviews.

Reviewed March 2007. Keywords: , ,

Cognicient Link from Cognicient

Software utility for consolidating databases of different surveys (e.g. trackers) for meta analysis and aggregation of survey questions and responses.

Reviewed May 2009. Keywords: , ,

Confirmit Horizons from Confirmit

A complete mixed mode interviewing system with high-quality support for CATI, CAPI and web interviewing, integrated with panel and community management, and telephony integration for CATI, operating in a web-based or cloud computing environment.

Reviewed September 2009. Keywords: , , , ,

Consoles and Viewers from Infotools

A collection of graphical data delivery tools, based around a single interactive and highly responsive for integrating streams of research and non-research data. May be used as an alternative to dashboard reporting.

Reviewed January 2010. Keywords: , ,

Converso Enterprise from Conversoft

Platform-independent Java-based multi-modal interviewing and analysis platform with an integrated portal-style front-end.

Reviewed November 2007. Keywords: , , ,