Software reviews from meaning

Reviews published in 2007

These reviews have been written by Tim Macer and other analysts at meaning. Each is independent and unbiased, based on an in-depth evaluation of the software. Many were also published in research magazine or in Quirk's Marketing Research review. Use the keywords to look for reviews of similar products.

AccessPoint 4.0 from Global Bay

Mobile CAPI solution for complex or simple surveys which works on a range of standard consumer PDAs under Windows with integrated web-based real-time fieldwork management and monitoring tools.

Reviewed December 2007. Keywords: ,

Converso Enterprise from Conversoft

Platform-independent Java-based multi-modal interviewing and analysis platform with an integrated portal-style front-end.

Reviewed November 2007. Keywords: , , ,

Rich Focus from nQual

Hosted software solution for online focus groups in real time. Features replicate many of the capabilities of conventional groups.

Reviewed October 2007. Keywords: ,

Remark Office 6 from Gravic

A pair of related survey tools designed for DIY surveys on paper, with automated data entry using robust OMR scanning, or online surveys, which share a common data format and set of analytical tools at the back end.

Reviewed September 2007. Keywords: , ,

Warp from Warp online

Web-based cross-tabular and charting suite for researchers and clients, which extends the capabilities of Quanvert and works with Quantum/Quanvert databases.

Reviewed August 2007. Keywords: ,

Vision Critical from Vision Critical

Web-based, hosted solution for high quality web surveys with an integrated, fully featured panel management solution and some support for online qualitative research.

Reviewed July 2007. Keywords: , ,

Dimensions Desktop Reporter 4.1 from SPSS

Windows-based cross-tabular reporting program for end-users.

Reviewed June 2007. Keywords:

mQuest from Cluetec

Handheld interviewing for Windows mobile devices, with capabilities for mystery shopping, public transport measurement and self-completion diary surveys

Reviewed May 2007. Keywords: , , ,

XSight 2.0 from QSR, Australia

Windows-based qualitative researcher’s workbench which helps researchers to organise all their material and their thoughts in one place. It supports thorough and systematic analysis of transcripts or other qualitative data using a variety approaches ranging from the quasi-quantitative to through to unstructured, intuitive or ideas-led methods.

Reviewed April 2007. Keywords:

CodingModul from StreamBASE, Germany

Windows-based verbatim answer classification management for coding and/or transcription of handwritten scanned images from self-completion surveys or for coding open text responses from CATI, CAPI and Web interviews.

Reviewed March 2007. Keywords: , ,

Instant Intelligence from Data Liberation

A delightfully simple online cross-tab and topline reporting tool which works with survey data from most standard MR data collection tools, and also offers an optional integrated web-based data capture service from paper.

Reviewed January 2007. Keywords: , , , ,