Software reviews from meaning

Reviews published in 2008

These reviews have been written by Tim Macer and other analysts at meaning. Each is independent and unbiased, based on an in-depth evaluation of the software. Many were also published in research magazine or in Quirk's Marketing Research review. Use the keywords to look for reviews of similar products.

Vovici 4.0 from Vovici

Web-based suite for building online research communities and custom panels, for both quantitative and qualitative research. Feedback Intelligence module offers sophisticated dashboard and drilldown reporting.

Reviewed November 2008. Keywords: , , ,

Mopinion from The 3rd Degree

SMS and WAP interviewing software, provided as a hosted web-based service which allows you to design and deliver short surveys via SMS using a free shortcode so there is no cost of reply to the respondent (in the UK) or via WAP to mobile web-enabled handsets.

Reviewed October 2008. Keywords: , ,

Simstat, QDA Miner and Wordstat from Provalis

Windows-based software for analysing textual data such as answers to openended questions along side other quantitative data, or to analyse qualitative transcripts. Uses a range of dictionary-based textual statistical analysis methods.

Reviewed September 2008. Keywords: , , ,

Mtabview from PAI & Gamma Associates

Report automation software to convert mTAB cross-tab analysis directly to PowerPoint presentations containing tables and charts, with push and pull technology to allow for easy update for trackers or new releases of data.

Reviewed August 2008. Keywords: ,

mTABweb and mTABview from PAI and Gamma Associations

Web-based analysis software for end users with extensive capabilities for handling trackers and syndicated research.

Reviewed August 2008. Keywords: ,

Optimus from Peanut Labs

Web-based suite of interview fraud detection measures for online surveys which can be applied to any online panel source, including panel providers or your own samples.

Reviewed July 2008. Keywords: , ,

Instant Intelligence Archiving from Data Liberation

Secure document archiving from scanned images and additionally any electronic documents, offered as a hosted solution via a simple web-browser interface.

Reviewed June 2008. Keywords: , , ,

NVivo 8.0 from QSR International

Analysis software for qualitative research data now with multimedia support, allowing integrated analysis of textual transcripts, native audio files, video recordings and other source materials. Offers a wide range of analytical and visualisation methods to support both rapid and in-depth analysis.

Reviewed May 2008. Keywords: , , ,

Illume 4.5 from DatStat

Complete end-to-end web-based interviewing solution with a database and object-based approach to allow greater freedom in working across surveys and incorporating other applications or sources of data into the research process.

Reviewed April 2008. Keywords: , ,

SPSS 16 from SPSS An IBM Company

Comprehensive desktop analysis software for crosstabs, charts and statistics, with integrated data editing, data processing, presentation and publishing capabilities.

Reviewed March 2008. Keywords: , , ,

DataDynamic from Intellex Dynamic Reporting

Desktop or web-based tabulation and charting tools for researchers or end-users with an integrated script-based data-processing module for data specialists. It can also be used to build data portals and dashboard reporting systems.

Reviewed February 2008. Keywords: , , ,