Software reviews from meaning

These reviews have been written by Tim Macer and other analysts at meaning. Each is independent and unbiased, based on an in-depth evaluation of the software. Many were also published in research magazine or in Quirk's Marketing Research review. Use the keywords to look for reviews of similar products.

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DataDynamic from Intellex Dynamic Reporting

Desktop or web-based tabulation and charting tools for researchers or end-users with an integrated script-based data-processing module for data specialists. It can also be used to build data portals and dashboard reporting systems.

Reviewed February 2008. Keywords: , , ,

Dimensions Desktop Reporter 4.1 from SPSS

Windows-based cross-tabular reporting program for end-users.

Reviewed June 2007. Keywords:

Globalpark EFS 7 Panel & Communities from Globalpark

Fully hosted software-as-a-service online research suite that offers a high level of performance and flexibility, with tightly integrated panel management capabilities. The panel module now offers support for online research communities

Reviewed October 2009. Keywords: , , ,

Illume 4.5 from DatStat

Complete end-to-end web-based interviewing solution with a database and object-based approach to allow greater freedom in working across surveys and incorporating other applications or sources of data into the research process.

Reviewed April 2008. Keywords: , ,

Instant Intelligence from Data Liberation

A delightfully simple online cross-tab and topline reporting tool which works with survey data from most standard MR data collection tools, and also offers an optional integrated web-based data capture service from paper.

Reviewed January 2007. Keywords: , , , ,

Instant Intelligence Archiving from Data Liberation

Secure document archiving from scanned images and additionally any electronic documents, offered as a hosted solution via a simple web-browser interface.

Reviewed June 2008. Keywords: , , ,

Key Survey 7.1 from WorldApp

Online survey data collection and reporting system provided on a Software-as-a-Service. Sophisticated mid-range web survey tool with a lot of flexibility and sophistication, at a highly competitive price.

Reviewed April 2009. Keywords: ,

Marketsight 7.3 from Marketsight

Web-based research data reporting environment for end-users to browse existing tables and charts, or to produce their own analysis. Offers capabilities for research agencies to publish results to clients through the software.

Reviewed January 2009. Keywords: , ,