2016 Annual Technology Survey – report now available


The 13th annual technology report is now available. This survey of over 200 research companies worldwide provides unique, valuable insights into the technology that lies behind research. It charts several key technology trends that go back at least ten years, as well as focusing on some areas of topical interest. For 2016, these include looking at developments in the area of data visualisation, infographics and storytelling, as well as how research is adapting to working with Big Data, social media data and other sources of data. In addition, following on from the previous year’s look at research companies’ approaches to innovation in methods and technology, for 2016 we have looked at what some of the barriers are to learning about technical innovation, and how these may be overcome.

The 2016 technology report covers the following topics:

• The evolution of data visualisation, dashboards and infographics (update from 2011 and 2014)
• MR’s embrace of storytelling in communicating data
• Use of Big Data, social media data and other non-research data by research companies
• The issues and barriers encountered in keeping up to data with developments in MR technology


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