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Beyond PowerPoint

By Newsdesk on 29th Sep 2010.

While detractors have been denouncing PowerPoint as a vehicle for presenting research results for several years now, MR seems to be as wedded to it now as at any time in the past. It’s a topic Tim Macer, MD of meaning ltd explored at the  ASC conference in London “Putting the Pizzazz into Research: renewing […]

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Rosetta Studio 3.3 reviewed

By Tim Macer on 3rd Feb 2010.

Report automation platform which takes tabular output from almost any MR cross-tab program and transforms it into well-crafted PowerPoint presentations. Works with existing slide decks or will generate new ones selectively, directly from tables.

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Infotools Viewers and Consoles reviewed

By Tim Macer on 4th Jan 2010.

A collection of graphical data delivery tools, based around a single interactive and highly responsive for integrating streams of research and non-research data. May be used as an alternative to dashboard reporting.

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Ruby Reviewed

By Tim Macer on 1st Aug 2009.

Modern, GUI-driven cross-tabulation, analysis and charting suite for market research data aimed at the tabulation specialist. Capable of handling large and complex data sets, trackers and other ‘difficult’ kinds of research project.

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SPSS 16 reviewed

By Tim Macer on 1st Mar 2008.

Comprehensive desktop analysis software for crosstabs, charts and statistics, with integrated data editing, data processing, presentation and publishing capabilities.

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Warp reviewed

By Tim Macer on 1st Aug 2007.

Web-based cross-tabular and charting suite for researchers and clients, which extends the capabilities of Quanvert and works with Quantum/Quanvert databases.

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