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Qi from Manthan Services reviewed

By Tim Macer on 16th Aug 2012.

Online platform for creating advanced dashboards based on survey which delivers to the end user an online environment for data exploration, review and collaboration.

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Beyond PowerPoint

By Newsdesk on 29th Sep 2010.

While detractors have been denouncing PowerPoint as a vehicle for presenting research results for several years now, MR seems to be as wedded to it now as at any time in the past. It’s a topic Tim Macer, MD of meaning ltd explored at the  ASC conference in London “Putting the Pizzazz into Research: renewing […]

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Infotools Viewers and Consoles reviewed

By Tim Macer on 4th Jan 2010.

A collection of graphical data delivery tools, based around a single interactive and highly responsive for integrating streams of research and non-research data. May be used as an alternative to dashboard reporting.

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DataDynamic reviewed

By Tim Macer on 1st Feb 2008.

Desktop or web-based tabulation and charting tools for researchers or end-users with an integrated script-based data-processing module for data specialists. It can also be used to build data portals and dashboard reporting systems.

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