Reviews archive

This archive presents reviews which where published prior to 2007 in either Research magazine in the UK or Quirk’s Marketing Review in the United States and are reproduced with the respective publisher’s kind permission.

As most software manufacturers update their software on an annual basis, at least, it is very likely that many of the limitations or deficiencies highlighted in these reviews will have been addressed by the manufacturers by now. We therefore advise caution when referring to these reviews, and suggest you treat them as a starting point for your own inquiries, rather than our current assessment or recommendations.

Current reviews can be found here.

122: 10/06 Techneos Entryware Mobile interviewing solution for handheld devices

121: 09/06 Voxco Command Center Integrated survey management tool

120: 08/06 E-Tabs AutoGraph 2.0 Powerpoint and chart automation tool

119: 07/06 Perseus SurveySolutions Multi-user online survey solution

118: 06/06 MarketSight Web-based survey analytic tool from Monitor software

117: 05/06 Merlinplus Syntax based cross-tab and analysis package from Merlinco

116: 04/06 MARSC Sampling and panel management system from Centurion

115: 03/06 Snap 9 Integrated data collection and analysis tool from Mercator

114: 12/05 Formic 4.3 Automated data capture package for questionnaires

Q13: 12/05 XSight 1.2 – Qualitative research data analysis software

113: 11/05 NIPO Fieldwork System Mixed mode research tool

112: 10/05 Survey Center & OPST Web survey and panel management software from Globalpark

111: 09/05 Rosetta Studio 1.4 PowerPoint presentation tool from ATP Canada

110: 08/05 WordStat 5 Textual analysis tool from Provalis Research

Q12: 07/05 DimensionNet/Dimensions 3.0 – from SPSS

109: 07/05 Research Reporter Research library and knowledge management tool from Insight Marketing Systems

108: 06/05 XSight 1.1 Qualitative data analysis tool from QSR International

107: 05/05 The 3rd Degree SMS instant messaging surveys

106: 04/05 DimensionNet A new integrated survey tool from SPSS

Q11: 02/05 E-Tabs Enterprise – A tool for automating the production of PowerPoint presentations and reports

105a: 02/05 Confirmit High-end hosted web survey tool from FIRM

105: 02/05 Clicktools Hosted DIY web survey tool from Clicktools

Q10: 01/05 Pulsar Web – Extended review in Quirk’s

104: 12/04 Pulsar Web ASP or browser-based version of the desktop-based Pulsar program from Pulse Train.

102: 10/04 E-Tabs Enterprise A tool for automating the production of PowerPoint presentations and reports

101: 08/04 QEDML Designer Cross platform questionnaire design tool from Philology, Australia

100: 06/04 Jambo Mixed-mode interviewing suite from IDfix Software BV, Netherlands

99: 04/04 Code Breaker Keypoint 4 from Cambridge Software Publishing

98: 02/04 Dutch courage IT from Dutch software company, Interview Technology

Q08: 01/04 Audithost Mystery shopping coordination software from PAI

Q07: 10/03 Microtab XP 2003 Professional Edition

97: 10/03 Layering it on thick MI Pro Research Studio

96: 09/03 A portal in the storm New from FIRM – Confirmit Reportal

95: 08/03 Putting the world back into the www NEBU’s Dub Interviewer Suite – latest version

Q06: 08/03 WebSurveyor and Surveywriter for web-based survey design

94:  07/03 Drop and no drag mTAB from The Gamma-PAI Partnership

93:  06/03 Point of contact MaRSC from Centurion Marketing Systems

92:  05/03 speedy response Synola – MR-focused database query and report package

91:  04/03 Exploration for Beginners Information tools: Espri 2.3 & Harmoni 1.2

90:  03/03 Did Technovate deliver? Esomar’s Technovate Conference – Tim Macer reports

Q05: 02/03 Bellview Web from Pulse Train

89:  02/03 Time to make data fly Using XML – Report from Tim Macer

88:  02/03 A true heavyweight WebSurvent from CfMC

87a:01.03 Sound the alarm Reforming the way research uses technology – Report from Tim Macer

87:  01/03 Speaking everyone’s language Voxco’s StatXP for Windows

86:  12/02 Sorry, we don’t serve your kind Pulse Train’s Project Chameleon

85:  12/02 Techno time New mobile CAPI product from OpenAir

84:  11/02 The price is right Price Board – brand price trade-off program from MASMI

83:  10/02 A star is born Open standards – ASC conference report from Tim Macer

82:  10/02 On the mark U-TAB end-user tabulation system from Weeks Computing

81: 09/02 Spoilt for choice “A chill wind is blowing through the market” – Report from Tim Macer

80: 09/02 More than a clever idea Cleverform – web interviewing solution from Code Development

Q04: 08/02 Ascribe verbatim-coding software from Language Logic

79: 08/02 New York state of mind Tim Macer’s report from the CASRO technology conference, June 2002

78: 08/02 Visualisation techniques CAVI – new ‘visual’ kiosk, web & CAPI product from OpinionOne

77: 07/02 Rank and file FieldPlus – complete fieldwork administration system from KGA

76: 07/02 Foul weather friend M-CAPI Express – new from Data Capture Handheld

75: 07/02 Good grades Fusion Software’s new product – Grader

74: 07/02 Something for everyone Latest version of Bellview Web from Pulse Train

73: 06/02 Oh my darling Clementine Clementine – SPSS MR’s new data mining product

72: 06/02 Targeting Mr X: but is he Mr Right? Tim Macer’s report from ASC Conference, May 2002

71: 05/02 Bringing coders and clients together Ascribe – web-based coding package from Language Logic

70: 05/02 DIY MR ASP ok? IdeaMap.Net – Moskowitz Jacobs’ new web-based conjoint product

69: 04/02 Hunt for the killer app Tim Macer interviews MR industry tech heads

68: 04/02 C’est Bon Askia’s networked PC-based collection of tools for MR

67: 03/02 Apply yourself Exploring the effectiveness of qualitative analysis software applications

Q03: 03/02 Uncle tabulation software from The Uncle Group

66: 03/02 Dub it the all-rounder NEBU’s Dub Interviewer, PanelMan and PlanMan

65: 03/02 Distant Relations Uncle Professional Tabulation Package – report by Andrew Walford

64: 03/02 Running commentary JTECH’s Electronic Comment Card

Q02: 02/02 Voxco’s Pronto Pronto predictive dialing solution

63: 02/02 Industrial strength MR Honeywell looks at tightening up its data gathering methods

62: 12/01 Phone rangers Voxco’s Pronto telephony system

Q01: 11/01 Global Market Insite’s Net-MR Suite Net-MR Version 2.0

61: 11/01 Hunt for the killer app mrInterview – the latest release in SPSS MR’s new dimensions range

60: 10/01 Pinch a Penny New version of Winyaps report distribution tool

59: 10/01 Room for a View ViewsCast pop-up web and telephone interviewing

58: 09/01 Make it Snappy Snap 6 – Mercator’s updated version of Snap survey software

57: 09/01 Research your options ‘Research Reporter’ from Insight Marketing Strategy

56: 08/01 FIRM serves an ace Confirmit – latest version of this end to end research ASP

55: 07/01 Net Development Taking market research technology onto the internet

54: 06/01 How to keep it secret DotEncrypt web-based secure report distribution tool

53: 05/01 International rescue GMI’s comprehensive suite of online research tools

52: 04/01 A handy technology Techneos’ palm-based CAPI package ‘Entryware’

51: 03/01 Live talk on the web Survey Guardian ‘chat-style’ web interviewing.

50: 02/01 An easy net answer Rogator 2000 web interviewing.

49: 01/01 Solutions which excel Microsoft excel plug-ins Brand Map and on Traq.

48: 12/00 New Dimensions mrPaper, mrTranslate and mrScan.

47:  11/00 Getting a better view Bellview 7 CATI system.

46:  10/00 Return of the Mac Macintosh research packages MaCATI and Powertab.

45:  09/00 A value system The Survey System integrated research software.

44:  08/00 Data at your fingetips EasyPalm handheld CAPI system.

43:  07/00 A personal approach 1by1 web interviewing.

42:  06/00 The new easier E-tabs New version of E-tabs.

41:  05/00 Straight to the point Keypoint, from Longman.

40: 04/00 Making coding easier Verbastat, SPSS’ automatic coding system.

39: 03/00 ‘Source of openness’ Interview with OpenSurvey founders.

38: 02/00 A welcome break QuotaBreaker! quota allocation utility.

37: 01/00 A CATI above the rest. VOXCO Interviewer Suite CATI system.

36: 12/99 Doing it all on the web CONFIRM web-based CATI

35: 11/99 Time to set standards ASC Edinburgh 1999 Conference report

34: 10/99 Agencies step up software wars Kantar MR, TNS & NIPO

33: 09/99 Going it alone fails to set standard Agencies’ own brand software

32: 08/99 Freedom to design questionnaires Bellview Scan, Eyes and Hands

31: 07/99 MR starts to reap the benefits of Scanning Formic, Pinpoint, SNAP

30: 06/99 SPSS MR opens up to a global future SumIT99 conference report

29: 05/99 What will grow from this acorn? Internet-based research

28: 04/99 Designing the survey of the future SphinxSurvey and TricTrac

27: 03/99 Pulsar: pricey but nearly perfect Pulsar end-user tabs

26: 02/99 Playing the Internet number game SSI-SNAP sampling software

25: 01/99 CATI sans frontières Converso CATI/CAPI software

24: 10/98 The way to the virtual call centre Ronin’s Results CATI software

23: 08/98 Software with the “Wow” factor Memphis’s Survey Explorer

22: 06/98 Good news from the mining industry SPSS and Data Mining

21: 04/98 Computer shall speak peace unto computer SSS data format

20: 02/98 Language difficulties? Just reach for the menu Merlin Plus, Visual QSL and In2Quest

19: 12/97 Paperless presentation Winyaps for Windows and ITE ’97

18: 10/97 The end of the clipboard? Sensus Q&A and ScyFieldHPC

17: 8/97 You pays your money – so choose with care Pollux, Bellview, Quancept, Snap and CI3

16: 6/97 How to survive that computer doomsday The Millennium timebomb in MR

15: 4/97 Keeping control of Web Bureau, ITE/Web and Media/Web

14: 2/97 Is MR facing a hi-tech, de-skilled future? Predictions for the future of IT in MR

13: 11/96 Keeping pace with the fastest moving goods Dataserver Partners

12: 9/96 Research? Just stand back and let it happen! Trendtrak and Interactive Meetings

11: 7/96 Giving complexity a new credibility InSPIRE NDA, SPSS Neural Connection and Simalto

10: 5/96 The business benefit with the human touch Videoconferencing

9: 3/96 New power and flexible friends for cross tabbers SPSS 7 and ESPRI

8: 1/96 Go on – give yourself an IT treat for 1996 Formic, Bellview Scan, Eyes and Hands

7: 11/95 It’s good to talk – when the PC does the dialling Surveycraft, Bellview and Quantime Telephony System

6: 9/95 Why this pen may yet prove mightier Bellview Pen and In2Quest

5: 5/95 Cinders seeks prince for fulfilling relationship Quac, Bellview and Verbastat

4: 3/95 Outputs of distinction Snap, SPSS, Quantum, QBridge and YAPS

3: 1/95 Self-completion gets a character reference Formic and Eyes & Hands

2: 11/94 Get sound and vision through your Windows Snap, Quanvert, Pulsar, Fastab and ITE

1: 9/94 How made-to-measure can come off-the-shelf “Works” packages, Spreadsheets, DTP and WP