Software reviews from meaning

These reviews have been written by Tim Macer and other analysts at meaning. Each is independent and unbiased, based on an in-depth evaluation of the software. Many were also published in research magazine or in Quirk's Marketing Research review. Use the keywords to look for reviews of similar products.

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Qi from Manthan Services

Online platform for creating advanced dashboards based on survey which delivers to the end user an online environment for data exploration, review and collaboration.

Reviewed August 2012. Keywords: , ,

SurveySwipe from SurveyAnalytics

Survey platform for creating and administering mobile survey apps for participants or panel members to download to their mobile device, in order to participate in surveys. Works across a range of mobile devices and integrates with the main app distribution methods or ‘app stores’. Integrates with panels and also allows participation on regular desktop or laptop PCs and tablets.

Reviewed February 2012. Keywords: ,

Q from Numbers

Survey data analysis software for in-depth analysis, with built-in expert analysis features which will select the best analysis depending on context.

Reviewed August 2010. Keywords: ,

Revelation from Revelation

Online qualitative research environment for asynchronous or bulletin-board style depth interviewing, discussions and auto-ethnography, allowing research to take place over several days or even weeks. No special software or plug-in is required to participate.

Reviewed April 2010. Keywords: , 1.1 from Marsc

Web-based panel and sample management tool for online, CATI and other survey modes, based on a subset of the most useful features in the desktop/server version of the MARSC sampling software.

Reviewed March 2010. Keywords: ,

Rosetta Studio 3.3 from ATP Canada

Report automation platform which takes tabular output from almost any MR cross-tab program and transforms it into well-crafted PowerPoint presentations. Works with existing slide decks or will generate new ones selectively, directly from tables.

Reviewed February 2010. Keywords: , ,

Consoles and Viewers from Infotools

A collection of graphical data delivery tools, based around a single interactive and highly responsive for integrating streams of research and non-research data. May be used as an alternative to dashboard reporting.

Reviewed January 2010. Keywords: , ,

Ascribe ACM reviewed from Language Logic

Intelligent verbatim content management system and coding environment for researchers and coders, with options for either manually-assisted coding or machine-learning automated coding for higher volumes. Delivered as either web browser-based and web-enabled desktop software modules

Reviewed December 2009. Keywords: , ,