Software reviews from meaning

These reviews have been written by Tim Macer and other analysts at meaning. Each is independent and unbiased, based on an in-depth evaluation of the software. Many were also published in research magazine or in Quirk's Marketing Research review. Use the keywords to look for reviews of similar products.

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MR Anywhere from Dexterity

A multi-user online project management, workflow and collaboration tool for market research projects. It handles all project communications across internal teams and suppliers and subcontractors, and integrates with a range of third party MR software products and services using Web services.

Reviewed November 2009. Keywords: ,

Globalpark EFS 7 Panel & Communities from Globalpark

Fully hosted software-as-a-service online research suite that offers a high level of performance and flexibility, with tightly integrated panel management capabilities. The panel module now offers support for online research communities

Reviewed October 2009. Keywords: , , ,

Confirmit Horizons from Confirmit

A complete mixed mode interviewing system with high-quality support for CATI, CAPI and web interviewing, integrated with panel and community management, and telephony integration for CATI, operating in a web-based or cloud computing environment.

Reviewed September 2009. Keywords: , , , ,

Ruby 2.0 from Red Centre Software

Modern, GUI-driven cross-tabulation, analysis and charting suite for market research data aimed at the tabulation specialist. Capable of handling large and complex data sets, trackers and other ‘difficult’ kinds of research project.

Reviewed August 2009. Keywords: , , ,

Text Analytics for Surveys from SPSS An IBM Company

Textual analysis software which uses the Natural Language Processing method to process textual data from verbatim response to surveys which will categorise or group responses, find latent associations and perform classification or coding, if required.

Reviewed June 2009. Keywords: , , ,

Cognicient Link from Cognicient

Software utility for consolidating databases of different surveys (e.g. trackers) for meta analysis and aggregation of survey questions and responses.

Reviewed May 2009. Keywords: , ,

Key Survey 7.1 from WorldApp

Online survey data collection and reporting system provided on a Software-as-a-Service. Sophisticated mid-range web survey tool with a lot of flexibility and sophistication, at a highly competitive price.

Reviewed April 2009. Keywords: ,

Catglobe from Catinét

Web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) product for mixed mode data collection and analysis, including CATI, CAPI, CAWI and integrated panel management.

Reviewed February 2009. Keywords: , , , , , ,